Aastha Community Services

SIL Providers in Perth,WA

Supported Independent Living SIL Provider in Perth, WA

NDIS participants with higher support needs can live independently with reliable support by their side with the help of our SIL services based in Perth. We create a comfortable and secure living environment for our participants where we uphold and protect their choices at all times.

Supported Independent Living support includes having support workers to help the participants with their daily living activities such as personal care, cooking, cleaning, household chores, support for going to medical appointments and community activities, capacity building and much more. This enables NDIS participants with higher support needs to move into a place of their own and be less reliant on friends and family for everyday living. Funding for supported independent living is usually provided when individuals with disabilities live together with other participants and share supports with them. With SIL support in their NDIS plan, participants can exercise more choice and control over their lives, experience greater independence and improve their overall well-being.

At Aastha Community Services,we recognize that disability support needs vary from person to person. We provide personalised Supported Independent Living in Perth,WA  after understanding the needs, goals and aspirations of each one of our participants. Our SIL support workers can help the participants to enhance their daily living experience and bring positive changes in their lives. As a registered NDIS service provider, we maintain the highest standards of care and safety by complying with all the rules and regulations laid down by the NDIS Commission. Contact us today to know more.