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Respite Support

Respite Support (STA/ MTA) In Perth, WA

Short Term Accommodation, including respite

People with disabilities have the opportunity to try a variety of things in life with the help of the support provided by the NDIS. When they feel the need to stay away from their current home for a brief time to learn new skills or to take a break from their normal care routine, they can rely on NDIS Short-Term Accommodation (STA). This will also benefit the carers of the participants as they can take a break from their usual duties and enjoy the respite.

Benefits of Short-Term Accommodation include:

Short Term Accommodation funding covers the cost of the personal care, diet, accommodation and support for capacity-building activities of the participant. In most cases, funding is at a group rate but participants can access individual support if it is found to be ‘reasonable and necessary at the planning meeting. The participant will have to provide evidence that they need individual support because of their disability.

Aastha Community Services (ACS) can help you access Short-Term Accommodation, including respite if it will help you pursue your goals and will help you become more active in your community. We will help you assess your needs and can introduce you to engaging and interesting capacity-building activities during your stay. The NDIS funds up to 28 days of STA support which you can access 14 days at a time. As a registered NDIS service provider in Queens Park, Canning Vale, Perth,WA Aastha (ACS) can provide you with the support that will make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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