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Assistance with Daily Living

Assistance with Daily Living & Core Support

People with disabilities are assisted by Aastha Community Services (ACS)  to accomplish the personal tasks of daily life and help them lead a fuller independent life. Our Support workers assist the participants in their homes and in the wider environment based on the needs and allocated funding of the participants. Aastha’s highly trained support staff provides you Assistance with Daily Personal activities and household tasks to help you live your life with ease. Transportation is provided to help you go through your community participation activities such as attending school, camps, going to a job, or partaking in other recreational activities. In order to fulfil the unique needs and requirements of each participant, Aastha creates customized and client-centered plans. Our supporting staff will either visit you at regular intervals or stay with you for several hours per day in accordance with your needs and level of disability. Even though we are committed to providing reliable service, it is not our intention to make you completely dependent on us. Under our Adult Care Support, we make a conscious effort to help you increase your independence. Thus, for example, other than assisting, we can also train you to accomplish these tasks on your own. If your family members or caretakers are willing, we can train them to care for your special needs and emergencies. We also, offer classes to educate you through various topics which will improve your socializing and networking.

NDIS Assistance with Daily Living is a service budgeted under Core Supports. The flexibility of the NDIS Core Support budget allows you to modify your fund allocation to different needs as you seem fit.

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