Your Path to Independence: Becoming Eligible for Supported Independent Living

Aastha Community Services

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is funded by the NDIS to enable people with disabilities to live independently while receiving personalised support. SIL support focuses on building the independent living skills of the participants along with paid personal assistance to take care of their daily living activities. Supported Independent Living is a home and living support option specifically designed for people with higher support needs who wants to explore independent living. This support is funded for participants who are 18 years of age or above, making it ideal for young adults with disabilities who may be planning to move out of their parent’s homes.

While deciding on SIL funding, the NDIS considers the age of the participant, the level of support they need daily and whether the SIL support meets the NDIS funding criteria. A participant is likely to be eligible for SIL support if they require more than 8 hours of assistance from the NDIS support workers to accomplish their daily living activities or if they need support throughout the day including overnight support to manage their life. Prospective SIL participants will have to submit assessments and reports from a qualified and licensed allied health professional or behavioural support practitioner that provide insights into the level of support that they may require. SIL support may be the right option for the participants with higher support needs who are willing to live with other participants and share supports with them.

Aastha Community Services provides the necessary guidance and support that the participants need to pursue independent living. We can help you make informed decisions regarding the home and living support options available to you. If you are a SIL participant, we have an efficient team of trained support workers who can help you manage your daily living activities. Contact us today to know more about our Supported Independent Living services.