Your MentalHealth Wellbeing With NDIS Support

Aastha Community Services

The initiatives NDIS took to be more inclusive with mental health support is yet to reach any in the targeted population. The Mental Health Supports available through NDIS have the potential to change the life of a Psycho-socially disabled (PSD) person for the better. The support is provided to those who are diagnosed with a significant long-term disability because of a mental health condition. However, determining whether you are eligible for the funding is more complicated than it is for other NDIS supportersMental Health includes a broad spectrum of issues and not everything results in a severe disability. To meet the criteria, you must provide evidence that your psychological condition negatively impacts your ability to undertake daily tasks.

The NDIA reviews 6 different areas such as communication, Community Participation, Self-Care, Self-Management, Mobility and Learning before granting the funding. You can access the support also without identifying the mental disorder because NDIS funding is only based on the functional impairment caused by the disorder in your everyday life. Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, and Schizoid are some of the conditions that result in a PSD. The NDIS plans for the participants need to be reviewed and adjusted annually as the condition of a PSD diagnosed person varies over time.

Once approved, you can access various services such as

• Capacity building supports

• Cognitive therapy

• Assistive technology

• Support workers to assist you as required

• Psycho-Social Recovery Coach

A recent addition to the mental health supports a Psycho-social recovery coach in Perth, all around Western Australia is a qualified professional who can assist and guide you through your recovery plans. As a registered NDIS provider with responsibility, Aastha is committed to ensuring that mental health support is provided with sincerity and sensitivity. Reach out to us if you are interested to know more about NDIS