Understanding Short-Term Accommodation vs. Medium-Term Accommodation

Aastha Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) facilitates independent living by tailoring plans to include home and living supports for people with disabilities. NDIS home and living supports benefit individuals whose current living arrangements do not meet disability-related needs, those with mobility limitations impacting daily activities, and individuals requiring specialised living solutions for adequate care. The support also extends to participants needing improved living conditions, those transitioning from healthcare facilities, or those in unsuitable accommodations where their disability-related needs are not
addressed. Two important types of accommodation support, often confusing, are Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA). Understanding the differences between STA and MTA is crucial for participants and their families to make informed decisions that align with their goals and requirements.

Short-Term Accommodation, as the name suggests, is a temporary accommodation option provided to NDIS participants for short durations. This service is particularly beneficial when individuals require support while their primary caregivers are unavailable or when the participants want to explore new experiences. The stay could involve being with others or alone, in an alternate location away from home for a maximum of 14 days at a time.
Contrary to STA, Medium-Term Accommodation offers a more extended accommodation solution. It is an interim living solution if the participant’s long-term residence isn’t yet ready due to unprepared disability supports. Eligibility requires the participant to have a planned future home and they need temporary housing for the medium term. Typically, NDIS allocate funding for Medium-Term Accommodation for a duration of up to 90 days.

Aastha Community Services can help you access STA and MTA support according to your disability support requirements. Through our STA support, you can experience respite short-term stays in a nurturing environment designed for comfort and safety. Our MTA support ensures stability and ongoing support for those seeking a medium-term living arrangement. With a focus on skill development and independence, we offer continuity and a supportive atmosphere through our NDIS home and living supports. Contact us today to know more.