Overcoming Disability Barriers: NDIS and Assistance with Daily Life

Aastha Community Services

The everyday activities that seem effortless to a lot of people are often difficult for people with disabilities. When one fails to carry out simple day-to-day activities, their self-esteem could take a hit for no fault of their own. A little assistance with personal tasks can ease the burden and help boost the confidence of differently-abled individuals. If you or your loved ones seem to fit the bill then Assistance with Daily Life is the NDIS service through which you can access help.

Assistance with Daily Life is an NDIS funded service that helps you to carry out all the daily personal activities that are too challenging for you because of your disability. This can include getting in-and-out of bed, hygiene activities, getting ready for work, cooking and other household chores. You will receive funds to hire staff who will manage all the tasks that are required to get you through the day. At the same time, the payment of things that are not related to your disability like the cost of your toiletries, cosmetics, supplies required to clean your home etc. will not be covered by the NDIS. All NDIS plans do not include this support and the funds allocated varies from person to person. The aim of this support is not to make you rely on another person entirely but to give you a boost in achieving your goals.

Aastha, a registered NDIS provider in WA can help you navigate through the financial nuances of Assistance with Daily Living. We can connect you with highly professional and empathetic staff who will focus on your comfort and give importance to your autonomy.

Our Disability Support Services are available in Perth, Maddington, Armadale, Cockburn Central, Kwinana, Rockingham, and all over Western Australia