Understanding NDIS Short-Term Accommodation Support

Aastha Community Services

Taking some relief from the same old routine could do wonders for your emotional and mental well-being. NDIA offers this opportunity to the participants through Short Term Accommodation Support.

Short Term Accommodation or Respite, is an NDIS Support that provides funding for support and accommodation during a short stay away from home when your support workers or you need a break. STA can also be useful in an emergency when your usual support systems are not available.

What can you do through this support?

Explore new interests

. Refresh your mind with a change in scenery

Build new relationships

. Give a break to your Carers

. Save yourself and your support workers from burnout

. Improve your confidence by interacting with new people and engaging in challenging activities.

Taking a break from your normal routine and support system and adjusting to a new environment could help you build your independence. During this period, your service provider will take care of the following needs

Personal care/assistance with daily personal activities

. Food

. Accommodation

. Activities you and the provider negotiated beforehand which could be either or both group and individual activities.

STA is flexible in that even though the NDIA allows a maximum of 28 days in a year, you can break it up into small duration and use it as per your needs. You can find the rates from NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.  Short-term accommodation falls under the Assistance with Daily Living Funds of Core support category. The funding may not be the same for every participant and it is allocated based on the level of support you receive.

Aastha Community Services is a committed to delivering homely, safe and accessible respite environments to NDIS Participants. Get in touch with us to know more about our STA services.