Developing a recovery-enabling relationship with Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

Aastha Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has recognised the unique disability support needs of people with psychosocial disabilities and thus introduced a new support item called Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Through the services of Recovery Coaches, participants can access expert mental health knowledge which will facilitate their recovery and overall well-being. In the NDIS context, recovery is defined by the participants for themselves. It refers to the process of achieving an optimal state of well-being that is unique to each individual living with or recovering from a mental health condition. Psychosocial Recovery Coaches work towards developing a recovery-enabling relationship with NDIS participants to help them achieve their mental health goals.

The participant and their Recovery Coach must have a consensus on what recovery means for the participant. That will help the participants to trust their Recovery Coaches and build a positive rapport with them. Psychosocial Recovery Coaches need to actively listen to their participants and should have a strong conviction that the participant can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. It will keep the participant encouraged and inspired to strive towards their recovery goals. Respecting the values and interests as well as choice and control of the participants is crucial to developing a recovery-enabling relationship. It also involves building the capability of the participants for self-advocacy and making them aware of their rights. Service providers should take necessary steps to ensure undisrupted support whenever Recovery Coaches change. They should be aware of the impact changing Recovery Coaches can have on developing recovery-enabling relationships.

Aastha Community Services can connect our participants with skilled Psychosocial Recovery Coaches who have lived and learnt experience of mental health recovery. We will work with you to develop a recovery plan that is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Contact us today to know more.