Making the Right Choice: Three Levels of Support Coordination in WA

Aastha Community Services

Support coordination is a capacity building support that is sometimes included in an NDIS plan to help the participants to pursue their goals, understand their plan and access various services available to them. Support coordination aims to assist the NDIS participants to make the most out of their funded support and build their ability to become more independent. A support coordinator will help the participants with everything NDIS from various service agreements and bookings to price negotiations.

There are three levels of support coordination available for NDIS participants. Sometimes there will be a designated level of support coordination funded in your NDIS plan according to your needs. Then you can only purchase that specified level of support coordination. But if your NDIS plan does not state anything specific, you are free to choose any three levels of support coordination available. The first level is called support connection where the aim is to build your confidence and skills in managing your own plan.

At this level, you will get support in understanding your plan and making the most out of it by connecting with various community and mainstream NDIS providers. The second level is called support coordination. Here, the support coordinator will ensure that there is a balanced mix of supports in your plan to help you gain the skill to maintain relationships as well as manage various tasks. The third and the most advanced level is specialist support coordination for participants with more complex needs. Here the support coordinator will help the participants to manage various challenges in their support environment.

Making the right choice while deciding the level of support coordination you need is very important. Here at Aastha, a registered NDIS provider based in WA, we have years of experience under our belt that we can use to help you make the ideal choice. Contact us today and we will guide you through the entire process.