Inclusion and Access through NDIS Disability Support Services.

Aastha Community Services

Disability support services are instrumental in building a more inclusive society. Differently-abled individuals face a lot of challenges that prevent them from being a part of the mainstream social order. The primary goal of disability support services is to ensure that people with disabilities are not excluded from the social fabric and are guaranteed equal opportunities in terms of employment, accommodation and community participation.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one such disability support initiative by the Australian government that funds services that allow differently-abled individuals to achieve their goals and be more independent in life.

NDIS is a national scheme that funds support for people with permanent and significant disabilities. NDIS participants can choose funded supports and services that align with their individual goals in life. Some supports help the participants to overcome their functional barriers and help them carry out their daily tasks with ease while some others help them access various assistive technologies, equipment or even accommodation. There are disability supports funded by the NDIS that helps the participants to become independent, build their skills and be active member of their community. According to their NDIS plan, participants can access ‘reasonable and necessary’ services and supports that help them achieve their goals. But they won’t be funded if they are not related to the participant’s disability. The NDIS Act and the NDIS rules available on the government website provides all the details that the participants need to know regarding their eligibility for funding.

Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider based in Perth, WA. We offer NDIS funded disability support services such as Support CoordinationSupported Independent LivingAssistance with Daily LivingCommunity Participation, Mental health Support Services and services of Psycho-Social Recovery Coaches.

Contact us today and we will guide you through your options and help you choose the most suitable services according to your NDIS goals.