Do you need Drop-In Support in Perth,WA

Aastha Community Services

Do you need Drop-In Support? Here are 5 reasons to choose Aastha community service

While coping up with their disability, there could be multiple reasons that forbid the individuals from being admitted to any of the disability support facilities. As an alternative, the disability support services offer drop-in support, providing assistance and care right at their home or the residence of their choice. But with most service providers offering this option, what should be the criteria to select the best support partner?

Here are 5 reasons why we think Aastha Community Services would be the right choice.

Experienced Professionals – Aastha has been providing NDIS Assistance with Daily Living in Western Australia with a team of well-experienced staff who have gained expertise working in different settings and have shown complete commitment to the support service.

Effective Usage of the Funds – Aastha is one of the few NDIS Core Support Services in Perth which works with the individuals to strategize the best support plan, effectively utilizing the allocated funds, based on their requirements.

Personalized Services – Disability support care is not a one-size-fits-all activity and as an NDIS provider, Aastha very well ensures that the type of support activities provided are determined by the choice of the participants and the level of support required.

Comprehensive Support – Aastha supports the disabled through every aspect of their life, from personal routines, household tasks, medical support, recreational activities, and even the spiritual wellbeing of the individual.

Integrity and Transparency – Being a reputed NDIS registered support service provider in Western Australia, Aastha upholds transparency and integrity in its culture and ensures accountability for each and every action.

In addition, Aastha also schedules regular review meetings, provides continuous feedback, and also offers NDIS Accommodation Service in Perth with expert professionals providing round- the-clock support and care. We recommend considering the above factors before selecting your drop-in support partner.