Disability Inclusion in the Modern World: NDIS Shows the Way

Aastha Community Services

Building an inclusive world where people with disabilities are given equal opportunities and access to the mainstream social fabric is a task that the global community collectively need to undertake. Disability inclusion demands systemic changes to our government and organisational policies as well as attitudinal changes to our behaviour. To remove disability barriers, governments around the world should focus on implementing effective disability inclusion strategies and funded disability support services. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by the Australian government is a right step in this direction that aims to assist people with disabilities in achieving their goals and being independent in life.

People with disabilities require proper support and services to lead a life where they can live without always depending on others. The NDIS funds support and services that are found to be ‘reasonable’ and ‘necessary’ for differently-abled individuals to pursue their goals and build their capacity to be as self-sufficient as possible. The Core Supports budget of the NDIS helps the participants to fund some crucial services like Assistance with Daily Living, Social and Community participation, Transportation and even help with purchasing certain Consumables like continence aids or low-cost assistive technology and equipment that are vital for their mobility. These disability support services will give differently-abled individuals a level playing field with their able-bodied peers when it comes to securing employment, housing, assistance with schooling and numerous other factors that are essential for living life with dignity and independence.

Each participant is unique when it comes to the NDIS. Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider and we understand the importance of customising our services and supports to suit the individual needs of each person. We have a team of qualified and competent staff committed to providing the best NDIS support and services. Our services are available all over the cities of Western Australia. Contact us today and start your NDIS journey with us.