Community Participation Services and Flexibility of Your NDIS Core Supports budget

Aastha Community Services

National Disability Insurance Scheme introduced nationwide in Australia in 2016 aims to provide reasonable and necessary support to differently-abled individuals to achieve their goals in life. NDIS funding ensures that a person’s disability doesn’t stop them from exercising their choice and giving up their independence. Moreover, this scheme helps them to be an active part of their community and social fabric.

Your NDIS plan may consist of three types of support budgets. They are Core Supports budget, Capacity Building Supports budget and Capital Supports budget. Some of the funding that you receive is flexible while some supports and their funding cannot be substituted. Assistance with Social and Community Participation is something that you can benefit from under a flexible Core Supports budget. For example, you may be using your money in the Core Supports budget to fund Assistance with Daily Life. But as you become more self-assured in handling your daily activities, you can rely less on daily assistance and use that funding to take part in community activities. Your Capacity Building Supports budget will also help you in developing your community participation skills by funding recreational activities like camping, classes and other group activities that build your skills but it’s not flexible unlike your Core Supports budget. A registered NDIS service provider like Aastha can help you understand the supports you can avail of under each budget category.

It is important to understand that NDIS is in no way a welfare scheme but it is an initiative that helps differently-abled individuals to become more autonomous and self- sufficient. NDIS Community participation services can help you develop the necessary skills to be a contributing member of society.

Aastha’s NDIS Community Participation Services are provided in Perth, Joondalup, Mirrabooka, Morley, Osborne Park, Victoria Park, Canningvale, Maddington, Armadale, Cockburn Central, Kwinana, Rockingham, and Mandurah