Build Your Own Support System: NDIS Disability Services for Young Adults

Aastha Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds disability supports for Australians between the age of 7 and 65 who suffer from permanent and significant disabilities that prevent them from being a part of mainstream society. According to the 2021 NDIS report, around 35,821 active participants of the scheme are aged 15 to 18 years old while the number of participants who are young adults aged 19 to 24 years is about 38,392. Young adults with disabilities often find themselves wanting to move out of their parent’s home and have the desire to secure a job. Being an NDIS participant will help them set their goals in motion.

NDIS funded disability services will help the young adults to transition from the phase of depending on parental care and support to becoming more self-reliant. That includes taking care of their personal needs, learning to access public transport and going to their schools, colleges and workplaces. NDIS funds Assistance with Daily Living that can help those who need help with daily tasks that they can’t carry out on their own. Access to reliable home and living support is crucial for young adults as they are starting to make more decisions for themselves and trying to achieve employment goals. This is also the period in life where having time for social activities, acquiring new skills, and maintaining a social circle is crucial. That will boost one’s self-confidence and NDIS funded community participation is the ideal way to achieve that goal.

Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider based in Perth, WA. The participation rate of young adults aged 19-24 in WA is 1.9 out of 100 which is the same as the national average. That means the participation rate is towards the lower end of the spectrum and there is a large number of young people who are still not part of the NDIS. Contact us today and we can help you figure out the right way to access the scheme.