Unlock Your Freedom: How to Get Started with SIL Support

Aastha Community Services

Supported Independent Living provides paid personal support to help individuals with disabilities perform daily tasks and build their skills for independent living. This support can include assistance with personal care, meal preparation, medication management, and community access. SIL is tailored to those who need significant help at home all the time. To determine if SIL is suitable for you, consider if you have higher support needs requiring assistance throughout the day and night, if you are 18 years or older, and if you need support to live as independently as possible. If you meet these criteria, you might be eligible for SIL
funding under the NDIS.

The NDIS requires comprehensive information about your current and future needs to determine the appropriate level of SIL support. This can include medical and allied health reports, assessments of your disability support needs, and information about your daily living requirements. A roster of care is a relevant document that the participant seeking new or revised SIL funding needs to submit to the NDIS. It should include hours of support needed daily, the ratio of support (how many support workers you need and how many participants share the support), the intensity of support (standard or high intensity), and overnight support
requirements. A registered SIL service provider can help you to prepare the roster of care. Once the NDIS approves the roster of care, you will receive your SIL funding. With the funding secured, participants can collaborate with the SIL provider of their choice after creating a formal service agreement. As a participant, your support needs might change over time, so it’s essential to regularly review your SIL support and discuss any necessary adjustments with your provider and the NDIS. If there are significant changes in your needs, request a reassessment of your plan.

If you choose to live in shared housing, you have the flexibility to decide who you want to live with and share support.The NDIS will fund SIL based on your individual support needs, not the number of people you live with. Some costs, such as management and staff training, are built into the hourly rates charged by providers. Ensure that your service agreement specifies these details. If you have any further queries related to NDIS Supported Independent Living, you can reach out to registered NDIS service providers like Aastha Community Services for expert guidance. Contact us today to learn more.