Taking Control of Your Life in an Ableist World; Aastha is Here to Guide You.

Aastha Community Services

Disability support is important in improving the lives of differently-abled individuals. We live in a world that isn’t necessarily designed to be inclusive of the needs of you or your loved ones. Australia is making big strides in being disability-inclusive through NDIA, a legislative agency that delivers support by covering the expenditure associated with your disability. If you have any long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory disabilities, which diminish or deprive your ability to actively being part of society like other people, then you could be eligible for NDIS benefits. NDIS funded services ensure that you do not have to compromise on accessibility or settle for anything less than a quality life.

Aastha, a registered NDIS provider, offers various disability support services, which make sure that your freedom is not limited in any avenues of life. To ensure that you can navigate through the fundamentals of NDIS disability requirements and access the most advantageous plans, you can reach out to our Support Co-ordination Services.

The current dismal state of the world, given the pandemic, has disrupted the stability and mental well-being of differently-abled people more severely as they were further restricted in life and prone to the increased health risk from the virus. In these trying times, Aastha, a registered NDIS Mental Health Support Provider could help you connect with expert psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health specialists. In addition, we can even provide you with a psychosocial recovery coach who is empathetic and resourceful. We offer several other NDIS services as well which can be customised according to your needs.

Our Disability Support Services are available in Perth, Maddington, Armadale, Cockburn Central, Kwinana, Rockingham, and all-over Western Australia, call us for more details