Strong protection for NDIS participants are now in place across Western Australia

Aastha Community Services

Improvement in the quality and safety of NDIS participants is the key objectives of the NDIS quality and safeguards commission. The commission regulates registered NDIS providers in Perth, Western Australia and helps promoting safety and quality service that supports the disabled people’s life. Prior to obtaining the benefits from NDIS, one must get registered with NDIS and are required to comply with relevant NDIS practise standards. People with disability always face challenges in their life as well they are more prone to exploitation, abuse and violence. At such a juncture, NDIS  commission really works to enhance their lives by giving immense support to live freely and independently with dignity and integrity. It’s the commitment of NDIS towards to the united nation to uphold the dignity of people who face challenges in their life. The commission supports the challenged people by empowering their lives by means of giving support and giving protection. As an a initiation step, They let them know the plan they have assigned for disabled people before implementing it; so that they and their families would have a clear vision on how they get moulded that help them to live an independent life. The concerns and complaints of the disabled people are pivotal for the commission that their complaints would get resolved with immediate action.

All the behavioural practitioners and providers who are indulged in upholding their lives must comply with National disability scheme rules 2018. Individual’s right to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision making must comply with applicable regulatory requirements and other practices. Acting honestly with integrity would be the motto of the NDIS workers. Even during the Covid 19 pandemic period, the Aastha NDIS coordinators  are working so hard to protect the people they support by giving them awareness and taking preventive measures.