STA Funding Explained: How NDIS Participants Can Access Support

Aastha Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia has been a pivotal step forward in supporting individuals with disabilities, empowering them with access to necessary support and services. Short Term Accommodation, including respite, is one of the many home and living support options available to people with disabilities through NDIS funding. STA offers temporary accommodation solutions for individuals with disabilities, aiming to provide relief, support, and care in situations where their usual carers are unavailable. The NDIS provides support for a maximum of 28 days of Short-Term Accommodation annually. This allocation offers flexibility, allowing participants to use it as either a continuous block of up to 14 days or as periodic weekend stays each month.

To access STA funding in your NDIS plan, it must fulfil the NDIS funding criteria. STA funding is only allocated if the need for temporary accommodation is directly related to the participant’s disability support requirements. The stay in STA or respite facilities should align with the participant’s goals, aiming to foster independence, skill development, or support for the caregiver. According to the NDIS funding criteria, STA services should also contribute to the participant’s community participation, facilitating social interaction and skill-building opportunities. Most importantly, STA support should be value for money by providing long-term benefits and not intended for holiday purposes. Participants can use their Core Supports budget to access STA support. They can reach out to their support coordinator, local area coordinator, early childhood partner or planner if they would like to access STA support.

Aastha Community Services
offer Short Term Accommodation services for eligible participants. We prioritise quality care, flexibility, and tailored support to ensure a comfortable and enriching stay for our participants. Through our STA services, we focus on fostering independence, skill development, and community engagement for every participant. Contact us today to know more.