Self-Care is the Best Care: Mental Health and People with Disabilities

Aastha Community Services

Living with a disability throws plenty of challenges in your life. The physical challenges, health complexities, social barriers, unequal access to housing and employment etc can take a big toll on the mental health of people with disabilities. The mind needs proper care and support just like your body. The first step towards improving mental health in people with disabilities is to understand the fact that having a disability and living a happy and fulfilling life are not two mutually exclusive things. Disability support systems like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are designed to provide proper support and care for differently-abled individuals so that they can live a happy, healthy and goal-oriented life like anyone else.

Having a good routine and a productive day can drastically boost a person’s morale. NDIS supports like Assistance with Daily Living make things easier for people withdisabilities by helping them to spend their day productively. Community Participation is another support that will help them to socialize more and stay active. The mental rejuvenation that one gets from engaging with people and picking up hobbies is unparalleled. Even then some people struggle with certain psychosocial disabilities that may require the help of professionals. NDIS participants can access mental health supports and services customised according to their needs through registered service providers like Aastha.  Services of Psychosocial Recovery Coaches are a newly introduced support item where an NDIS worker with mental health knowledge will assist the participants to identify and achieve their NDIS goals and thereby help them manage their mental health.

Self-care is the best thing you can do for yourself and that includes paying attention to the needs of your body as well as your mind. Contact us today and we will help you identify the best practices and plans through which you can improve your mental health.