Seize the Day: How to Make the Most Out of Your NDIS Core Supports

Aastha Community Services

The primary category of support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Core Supports which helps the participants to be more independent and active participants in their community. Living with a disability can pose various unprecedented challenges to one’s daily life. Even doing a simple task around the house daily could become difficult and tiring. The Core Supports provided by the NDIS are designed to solve this problem and help NDIS participants to make the most out of their day. The Core Supports Budget funds four categories of support including Consumables, Daily Activities, Assistance with Social and Community Participation, and Transport.

Every day is valuable and the NDIS Core Supports helps the participants to become more productive. Your Core Supports Budget provides you with the fund to purchase certain unavoidable everyday use items such as continence aids that drastically improve your quality of life and physical wellbeing. You can also access assistance with your daily care activities and help with all the chores around the house through your Core Supports money. Getting the burden of household chores and personal care lifted off of your shoulders will give you more time to do the things you love, learn new skills and even socialise with other people. In fact,

if your goal is to become more active in your social and community circles, there is funding available for Assistance with Social and Community Participation under Core Supports. Even help with public transportation is available under this support category.

Registered NDIS service providers like Aastha can help you utilize your Core Supports to their full potential as the budget allocated is flexible and can be moved around in between various support categories. Contact us today and we can walk you through all the help you can get under your Core Supports Budget.