Seeking SIL Vacancies in Canning Vale, Perth

Aastha Community Services

Supported Independent Living (SIL), funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in their homes, typically in shared accommodations with other NDIS participants. Its primary goal is to provide personalised support and supervision for daily tasks, allowing individuals to live as independently as possible while developing their essential life skills. Suburban cities like Canning Vale in Australia boast a diverse range of SIL homes, from shared living spaces to individual residences. While SIL provides essential support, it is important to note that it doesn’t cover the cost of accommodation. SIL primarily focuses on the provision of personalised support services within the participant’s existing home or place of residence.

Participants with SIL funding in their NDIS plan can search for a reliable service provider or seek the help of a support coordinator to access the benefits of SIL. Once the participant selects a SIL service provider, the provider will This roster is a comprehensive outline used by SIL providers to assess and determine the necessary supports tailored to the participant’s specific needs. It is a detailed roadmap that assists providers in calculating the
precise funding required for the participant’s SIL supports. Once the participant approves the roster of care, they can utilise their SIL funding in the best way possible with the help of their SIL service provider. Choosing SIL support is a significant step towards independence and
skill development. It is a journey that not only offers a safe and supported living space but also fosters community engagement and personal growth.

Aastha Community Services (ACS) is a registered NDIS SIL service provider. We ensure person-to-person supports, ensuring individuals receive direct, tailored assistance aligned with their unique needs and goals. We have a team of trained and qualified SIL support workers who can ease your journey towards independence. Contact us today to know more.