NDIS Community Participation Support

Aastha Community Services

People with disability should also be able to engage with their community like every other individual in their daily life. Our NDIS Community Participation Service Perth, Western Australia, helps people with disability to lead a life with active engagement in community activities and programmes. It enhances the participation of people in different arenas of life such as education, health, employment, social and recreation. People with disability not only experience active community involvement but also economic participation.

Community participation aims at developing more networks for people with disability in the community and eliminating the stereotypes and thereby achieves the overall wellbeing of people with disability. The goals are set in a way that it aligns with your interests and suits your skills and abilities. Moreover, community participation not only improves the lives of people with disability but also enriches the community as a whole. Aastha Community Services supports people with disability to achieve these aims and vision of community participation set by NDIS. We provide extensive support in improving the community participation of the people with disability by linking them to programmes and activities of their choice such as employment services, social and recreational clubs. Aastha has experienced support coordinators who analyse your goals through ongoing meetings and link you with community services to achieve your goals. We also have experienced support workers who provide one to one support to our participants with a view to increase the independence of people with disability.

Aastha Community Services also enables you to find out the programmes of your choice and offer support in accessing them. Aastha helps you to access these services through different organisations in the community. Our goal as a community service organisation is to help you achieve a rewarding and fulfilling life as you desire through community participation.