Moving Forward in Life with NDIS Assistance with Daily Living

Aastha Community Services

People with disabilities face a wide range of daily obstacles that are often invisible to the eyes of able-bodied individuals who can perform it with ease. These include daily activities such as personal hygiene, bowel management, household cleaning and several other essential daily routines. To lead a more independent life and achieve their goals, differently-abled individuals need support to carry out these activities. The NDIS Assistance with Daily Living is a service funded under the Core Supports budget of the NDIS participants to help them accomplish these tasks with the help of support staff and then on their own in the long run.

Assistance with Daily Living belongs to the Core Supports category and its cost differs from person to person depending on the level and intensity of the support. Depending on the goals of the NDIS participants, the service providers can even train the clients to be more self-reliant over time so that they can carry out these tasks with less assistance. Then the money saved from reducing the amount of support they need can be used for funding social, community and other recreational activities because of the flexible nature of the Core Supports budget. Such activities will improve the mental well being as well as the social skills of the participants.

Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider based in Perth, Western Australia. We always adopt a person-centric approach and help you design your NDIS plan in a way that best suits your needs. Our support staff is well-trained in managing people with disabilities. They will visit you regularly to help you with all your funded support. Contact us today to avail of our services and you will notice a significant improvement in the quality of your life in a short period.