Managing Your Core Supports Budget: Things to Keep in Mind

Aastha Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a publicly funded disability support system that bears the costs associated with the disabilities of eligible Australian citizens. Prospective participants will get funded support depending on their individual support needs and the NDIS planning meeting. Once they get approved and receive their NDIS plan, it will contain details of the participants’ goals, aspirations and the types of support and services that will be funded. The budget allocated will be divided into three sections: Core Supports, Capacity Building supports and Capital Supports.

Among the three categories of support budgets, the Core Supports budget is to finance your everyday activities that require assistance including personal care, meal prep, going to your job and engaging in social or recreational activities. Consumables that you need to function such as your continence aids, step stools, protective clothing or something as simple as a straw that is required for your daily activities as a result of your disability may be funded in Core Supports. Sometimes you will also get funds for transport if you are unable to use public transport because of your disability. Since Core Supports Budget is very flexible, you can move your money around in between various categories according to your needs unless you have set some money aside for specific supports such as therapy support, pre-paid transport, compensation, specialised accommodation or stated items (specific support with its own allocation in your NDIS plan) such as assistance in a shared living arrangement.

Also, if your Core Supports budget is low, the NDIS may allow you to move some of your Capacity Building funding to your Core Support funding.

You can direct all your queries related to the supports budget to your Plan Manager, Support Coordinator or your Local Area Coordinator (LAC). Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider based in Perth, WA. We recognise that understanding your NDIS plan and making it work according to your advantage can be a daunting process. Contact us today and we will help to ease the complexity of your NDIS journey.