Living Life with Dignity: The NDIS and Physical Disabilities

Aastha Community Services

The nature of one’s disability and the way it affects the functional capacity of a person play an important role in being eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Physical disabilities are one of the most common and visible types of disabilities that directly impact the individual’s ability to perform daily tasks. According to the National Disability Services website of Australia, physical disabilities occur when there is an impairment to the neuromuscular or skeletal systems of our body which then results in paraplegia, quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, neuromuscular disorders, cerebral palsy and numerous other conditions.

The mobility of a person is the primary factor affected by physical disabilities. NDIS- funded supports such as Assistance with Daily Living and Core Support are an incredible helping hand to those who are struggling because of reduced mobility and sensory impairment. They will receive help with personal care, daily chores around their house, help with managing their assistive technologies etc. Registered NDIS service providers like Aastha have designed custom Adult Care Plans where the main aim is to make the NDIS participant as independent as possible over time. The greater goal of the NDIS is to help differently-abled individuals to lead a goal-driven life where they have all the resources and assistance to become contributing members of society. Service providers can ensure that the care plan that they design together with the participants aligns with the NDIS goals of that particular person.

Physically disabled individuals face many challenges that may include lack of accessibility, low stamina, significantly reduced mobility, little to no dexterity and most importantly stigma from society because of the visibility of their impaired physical state. Disability support schemes like the NDIS help individuals with physical disabilities to lead a life of dignity and grace where they are not dependent on anyone. Contact us today to know more about the NDIS supports.