Importance of Inclusivity: NDIS and Community Participation

Aastha Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to empower people with disabilities and actively helps them in achieving their goals. Assistance with community and social participation is one such support that aids NDIS participants to increase their social engagement and economic participation. Community participation of people with disabilities is an important step towards building an inclusive society. The programme enables differently-abled individuals to be a part of mainstream society and to stay connected with the things that they love to do.

Social, community and civic participation are usually funded under the Core Supports budget category but you can also find that increased social and community participation of the prospective applicants are funded under Capacity Building Supports budget. But unlike the Core Supports budget, the funding you receive under Capacity Building Supports budget is not flexible. The funding that you receive and how community participation will appear in your NDIS plan will depend on your NDIS goals. Programmes and activities that help you with various aspects of your life from employment to recreation fall under community participation. You can go for skill-building classes that increase your employability or join a club that increases your social skills and helps you connect with people. Such healthy engagements with mainstream society are essential for the well being of people with disabilities. The sense of belonging that comes with active social participation and interactions can enrich their lives.

Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider in Perth, Western Australia. We can help you seek out activities and community participation programmes that align with your NDIS goals. We can even help you figure out the activities that best suit your requirements through a thorough analysis of your NDIS plan. Contact us today and we will guide you through your NDIS journey.