Customising NDIS Short-Term Stays: Tailored STA Support for Unique Needs

Aastha Community Services

Short Term Accommodation, including respite, is a type of home and living support option for eligible people with disabilities who are in need of temporary accommodation. The primary goal of Short-Term Accommodation (STA) funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is to provide individuals with disabilities a safe and supportive environment while their regular caregivers take a break. This respite care serves as a vital support mechanism, offering caregivers an opportunity to rest and prevent burnout. Simultaneously, STA support offers specialised support, social interaction, and diverse environments that cater to the unique needs and growth of individuals with disabilities.

Due to the fact that no two people with disabilities are alike, there can be large variations in the disability support needs that they have. Customising NDIS Short-Term Accommodation is essential because it guarantees that the assistance given is in line with the unique support needs of each participant. STA Service providers can customise the group activities that are intended for capacity building of the participants during their temporary stays at respite accommodations. Specialised one-on-one disability assistance is another way to tailor STA support to suit the needs of the participants. Person-centred planning and providing professional training for support staff is essential catering to the diverse disability needs. This training equips the support workers with the skills necessary to provide personalised support. STA support should be flexible and adaptable to changes in the participant’s circumstances and preferences. Regular assessments and updates to the STA support plans will ensure that the assistance provided remains effective.

Aastha Community Services embraces person-centred disability support planning at all levels of our service. We want to ensure a greater quality of life for all our participants and customising various NDIS support and services is an integral and inevitable part of that. Contact us today to know more.