Conquer Your Goals with NDIS Assistance with Daily Living

Aastha Community Services

Living with a disability does not mean that a person has to compromise on their  independence and life goals. Disability support schemes around the globe are helping people  with disabilities to pursue employment opportunities, economic independence, personal  hobbies, self-sufficiency and improved quality of life in general. The National Disability  Insurance Scheme has helped open up new avenues in life to its participants through Core  Supports like Assistance with Daily Living.  

Assistance with Daily Living is a support category that helps the NDIS participants to  carry out daily personal activities, household chores like mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning  and assistance with their medical needs etc. Having a capable support worker around to help  them with these activities will drastically improve the living conditions of people with  disabilities. They no longer have to hold themselves back from applying for a job or joining  higher education because these support workers will always be there to attend to their  disability needs. Assistance with Daily Living is available at two levels: Standard and Higher  Intensity. When the participant has complex health care needs, they may need the help of a  support worker who has pertinent qualifications and experience. In those cases, higher  intensity assistance is recommended. Registered NDIS service providers like Aastha ensure  that the person with the disability becomes independent over time rather than being  dependent on the support systems all their life. Through customised care plans and constant  encouragement, we help our clients conquer their NDIS goals. 

Breaking the disability barriers and living the life you want is no longer a battle that  you have to fight alone. Help is available for the NDIS participants at every step in the  process. Contact us today to begin your journey towards an independent life.