Building Trust: First Meeting with Your Support Coordinator

Aastha Community Services

NDIS Support Coordination is a capacity building support that helps differently-abled individuals to successfully implement their NDIS plan and manage their funded supports. Though it may look like a case management support at first glance, Support Coordination is not intended to fulfil that role. Support coordination aims to build the capacity of the participants to coordinate the supports available in their NDIS plan and thereby increase their confidence in themselves and improve their skills to navigate the NDIS on their own.

Your first meeting with the support coordinator is very important as there are several important things to be kept in mind. At first, the support coordinator will explain their role in detail and then walk you through the various funded supports available, explain how to make service bookings, how to manage your NDIS funds, how to navigate through the NDIS websites and various other details necessary for you to understand your plan and to find out the best ways to put it into practice. For the meeting to be successful, it is important that you ask questions and share your goals and expectations. You can ask questions regarding your support coordinator’s plan for helping you reach your goals as well as their past work with other clients. When a support coordinator recommends a service provider, you have the right to ask questions regarding the reason behind that suggestion before making a decision. The first meeting will also tell you whether your support coordinator is compatible with you or not depending on how well they understood and responded to your queries.

Over time, the participants who avail of support coordination will become independent enough to manage and coordinate various funded supports on their own. But till then, registered NDIS service providers like Aastha can connect participants with competent and empathetic support coordinators who are well acquainted with all the intricacies of the NDIS and its various supports. They will ensure that you are getting the best outcomes out of your NDIS plan.