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People with disabilities irrespective of their ages, all loved to have an independent life of their own. But in fact, either by birth or in the course of lives, they are prone to be disabled. A great support is critical for such people across the world that they should never feel they are worth less to others in the society. When they miss a sense of support from their family, then it would be easy to slip into depression and get isolated. At such juncture, certain community service organization provides excellent services that enable the people who are physically challenged. Aastha community service is one such Best NDIS registered service provider in Western Australia. Disabled people in Australia face various challenges such as poor health, discrimination, seclusion and low quality of life. Also they find it difficult to get an employment. Thereby Aastha customizes a NDIS support coordination service that work in collaboration with such people and help them to lead an independent life. This tailored program helps them to elevate their confidence and self reliance. The staffs at Aastha are cordial and well trained; they have the spark to make them reach higher goals and enable them to live independently in Perth. They primarily focus on to support that elevates their skills in doing their daily chores; thereby enabling them to live their lives with no assistance with daily living. NDIS funding is provided for the eligible people that depends on their needs. This includes: 1. Helping them to do routine personal activities as well for their accommodation, transport, improved living arrangements and other recreational programs. 2. Enables them to participate in community, economic, social and daily life activities. Why then second thought without any hesitation the people who faces challenges can contact Aastha, a Registered NDIS support in Perth, Osborne park, Cottesloe who act as a core support in Perth.