A Helping Hand for Your Mental Health with NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Aastha Community Services

The NDIS has made substantial strides in improving its approach and services provided for individuals suffering from mental health illnesses and related disability conditions. As part of integrating recovery-oriented practices within the NDIS and taking heed of earlier criticisms regarding accessibility, the National Disability Insurance Scheme has introduced a support item called Psychosocial Recovery Coach to help participants with psychosocial disabilities. Psychosocial Recovery Coaches are NDIS support workers with mental health knowledge. Some of them have lived experiences of mental health issues and the others have learned experiences of the same.

Recovery Coaches bring with them deep knowledge about mental health issues and various supports provided by the NDIS. Utilising this knowledge and their professionalqualifications, they can help the participants to identify their goals and develop a person-centred recovery plan. These Recovery Coaches also act as a conduit between the participant and the broader system of support and services that aligns with the participant’s NDIS goals and recovery plan. Most importantly, Psychosocial Recovery Coaches build a trusting relationship with the participants and their families to enable recovery and to understand the preference of the participant in terms of how they wish to receive care. Recovery Coaches also encourage and help them in decision-making and managing stress. Consistent progress reports are provided to the NDIA as well as the participant about the development regarding the recovery goals, NDIS funds and coordination of support. Documentation of all the interactions with the participant and work done to help them are kept by the Recovery Coaches.

Achieving your NDIS goals is easier with the help of a Recovery Coach if you are struggling with a psychosocial disability. Registered NDIS service providers like Aastha can help you avail the services of experienced Psychosocial Recovery Coaches. Contact us today to make an appointment.